Basketball in Bukom: The emergence of an unfamiliar sport

Basketball in Bukom

Bukom traditionally stands out as the beacon of one popular combat sport in Ghana; boxing.

The suburb of the capital can boast of a catalogue of several iconic names in Ghana’s boxing history such as Amuzah Nelson and Ike Quartey just to name a few and its streets are littered with several boxing enthusiasts both young and old.

But somewhere in the heart of the town, another sport is beginning to seep into life in the community; Basketball.

In Jamestown, only a few kilometers from the Bukom boxing arena, athletes of local team “Dunk grassroots” take to the basketball court close to the lighthouse twice a week to shoot hoops. For them, basketball has a special place in their hearts.

Jacob Okai, who is a player on the team expressed his love for the game, “I love Basketball, If I’m playing Basketball, I love the way my body sweats and feels and I feel the heat more than boxing and anything.”

Another by the name of Roy Kotei says started playing basketball during his junior high school days, “I have been playing Basketball since JHS, I enjoy doing sports and I don’t want to get hurt if you come here; it’s boxing or football or combat sports. Over here it’s a team, they brought Basketball and I joined and have been playing since.”

As far as intentions go, these lads dream of playing basketball professionally.

I also have my personal training, where I train at the valley beach side to improve my skills. I hope to use Basketball to encourage and help the people in Jamestown,” added David Mensah, the vice-captain of Dunk Grassroots.

Although boxing has long been the pride of Bukom, basketball’s sprout has seemingly found fertile ground in the hearts of the youth.

This unfamiliar sport is bringing the community together one bounce of the ball after another.