Ato Forson trial: If anybody makes a comment to scandalise the court it won’t be tolerated – Judge


The presiding judge hearing the matter of the 2.37 Euros financial loss to the state involving the purchase of defective ambulances has given a stern warning to parties in the case regarding public commentary.

Speaking to the prosecution and lawyers of the accused persons, Justice Afia Serwah Asare Botwe indicated that she is disturbed about the public commentary on the case.

She noted that comments that cast a slur on the integrity of the judiciary would not be tolerated.

It would be recalled that reacting to allegations by third accused Richard Jakpa citing the Attorney-General of coercing him to make a case against the Minority Leader, Sammy Gyamfi noted that the A-G was capable of approaching anyone to make his case, including a judge.

Presiding judge, Justice Afia Serwah Asare-Botwe took exception to the statement by the NDC Communications Officer.

“Be more responsible with your statement. This is the last time I am cautioning you. Don’t ever forget that you are a lawyer for convenience’s sake. No Lawyer does what you are doing with the bench.

“Assuming there is any change will you suddenly wish away all 400 of us (Judges) and get another 400?” Justice Asare-Botwe noted.

But Sammy Gyamfi explained that he was not referring to the sitting judge in the case.

“Let us all get it that this is not a jury trial and as far as prejudicing this case, it not likely. But I’m very disturbed by the public commentary. There is this line that we all have to tow.

She then drew the attention of former Attorney General, Marietta Appiah Oppong Brew to talk to the NDC members.

“Hon. Marietta talk to your team. If anyone makes any comment trying to prejudice or scandalize this court, it will not be tolerated.

“Please be careful, all of you. We live in a country where even those of us who are educated may actually not understand the workings of the court. Not to talk of those who have watched American movies and want to bring it down to Ghana. We have our own laws,” the judge added.