Ambulance Case: 3rd accused insists no one caused financial loss to the state


Businessman and third accused in the trial involving Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson, a former Deputy Minister for Finance, Richard Dzakpa, has firmly asserted that none of the accused individuals played a role in causing financial loss to the state.

During his testimony in court, Mr. Dzakpa emphasised that the state accepted possession of the ambulance without any intention to terminate the contract.

He further noted that the government had fulfilled its commitment by making payment for the ambulance.

He maintained that all required accessories were delivered in accordance with the contract specifications, refuting any allegations of deliberate or malicious intent to cause financial loss to the state by the accused persons.

Mr. Dzakpa’s testimony sheds light on the complexities of the case and underscores the importance of examining all relevant evidence to ascertain the truth.

As the trial progresses, further insights are expected to emerge, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the matter at hand.

“It is clear from the particulars of the offence charged against me that the government has itself admitted that the ambulances were supplied to Ghana. The point here I make is that since it is admitted that the ambulances were indeed supplied to the government of Ghana, it cannot be honestly said that the government sustained financial loss when government: has accepted or taken possession of the ambulances and not indicated no intention whatsoever of terminating the contract.

“The government actually committed itself to performing the contract by paying for the ambulances as confirmed in the negotiated addendum to the contract.”

Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson, Dr. Sylvester Anemana, a former Chief Director at the Ministry of Health and businessman Richard Jakpa are standing trial in connection with the importation of the 30 ambulances.