Newmont branch of Ghana Mine Workers Union denies claims that 500 junior staff have defected

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The Newmont branch of the Ghana Mine Workers Union has denied claims that 500 junior staff members have defected to join the newly formed Extractive Industry Workers Union.

At a news conference in Accra, the Newmont Branch Chairman Peter Wilson alluded that the leadership of the extractive workers union has allegedly duped the workers with the claim of securing a parcel of land for them.

He said “Newmont works, Ahafo and Akyem and Accra we joined Ghana Mine workers union in 2007 and we are sill with the union. Recently, we heard that Victor Asani Gyapong who is leading the newly-formed Extractive Industrial Workers Union has said 500 of our members have resigned to join them.

“We want to say that it is not true, that claim should be ignored. Our members are intact, nobdiy has defected.

“The union that he formed is for senior staff which does not cover us the junior staff, he cannot control us,” Peter Wilson said.

By Danny Opoku|

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