Newly trained doctors cry over delayed postings; threaten to picket

File photo. The newly trained doctors have hinted they will soon picket at the ministries to drum home their demands[/caption] Trained medical doctors who completed their housemanship in May this year are threatening to picket in a move geared towards getting the government to fast-track their employment to save lives. The doctors, who graduated from medical school in November 2015 say efforts in the past months to get the government to issue the Health Ministry financial clearance to engage them have proved futile. According to them, the past five months have been “extremely frustrating” for them, as they have done all they could but “the various ministries are just not helping in this regard”. Some of these doctors are now forced to take steps to get the necessary licences to enable them practice in the United States, has gathered. According to sources, some of them have been writing the US Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) and Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB) examinations. Notwithstanding, the doctors say they will take the bull by the horn to prevent  the delays in engaging doctors after their training, something they said was becoming a norm which they want to change. Some of them who spoke to on condition of anonymity say they will not hesitate to picket since that appears to be the only language government understands. “Our year group is trying as much as possible not to allow what happened last year to repeat itself… But it seems as usual the government only listens to picketing,” one of them said. The doctors said they do not have the slightest idea as to when the government will give the financial clearance for them to be engaged, noting that uncertainty amounts to a waste of their time. “We definitely could have added value to ourselves academically and clinically if we were in the known as to how many months we should stay home before been employed” another one said.

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