New Gonja king enskinned

The new overlord of the Gonja Kingdom,Yagbonwura Bii-Kunuto Jawu Soale, has been enskinned.

The enskinment ceremony was held on Monday, March 20.

Until his elevation to the Yagbon skin, Yagbonwura Bii-Kunuto Jawu Soale was the Tulwewura, one of the five divisional gates to the Yagbon skin.

The new king was announced by the Acting Head of State of the Gonja Kingdom, Sonyowura Adamu Kanyiti I, after the death of Tuntumba Boresa I, who died at the Jakpa palace in the early hours of Sunday, February, 5.

Gonja Succession

The Gonja succession is touted as the best and peaceful chieftaincy succession structure in Ghana.

The succession to the Yagbon skin rotates in turns, according to seniority among five gates: Wasipe, Kpembe, Bole, Tulwe and Kusawgu after the death of a Yagbonwura

Following the death of Yagbonwura Tuntumba Boresa on Sunday, February 5 at the Jakpa palace, the king makers settled on Yagbonwura Bii-Kunuto Jawu Soale as the next Yagbonwura in line with laid-down procedures.

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The new Yagbonwura will be outdoored on Thursday, March 23.


The expectations of the people in the kingdom is that the new king consolidates the gains of his predecessor and ensures that the kingdom remains peaceful.

He is also expected to promote development by including queen mothers in decision making processes.

By Christopher Amoako||Ghana 


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