New building for ministers dedicated by Emmanuel Methodist Society

The Emmanuel Methodist Society at Lapaz in Accra on Saturday held a service to dedicate its newly built manse.

The construction of the two-storey building, financed with contributions from church members and donations, ends an era of renting accommodation for ministers posted to the church.

Erected within four years, starting from June 2018, the building sits on a parcel of land at Chantan, acquired by the 27-year-old church in 2010.

The service brought together the leadership of the Northern Accra Diocese and Nii Boiman Circuit of the Methodist Church and former Ministers of the society.

The Bishop of Northern Accra Diocese, Right Reverend Professor Joseph Edusa-Eyison, dedicated the manse with support from ministers including Rt. Rev. Frederick Nnuroh, the Minister in Charge, and some church leaders.

Preaching the sermon, Rt Rev Edusa-Eyison noted that accommodation for ministers of the church was one of the major challenges in the diocese.

As a result, he said, many churches in the diocese were undertaking similar projects so they would stop spending on rent.

He, therefore, commended the Emmanuel Society for its resilience in achieving its aim of getting its own mission house despite the challenges.

“This is timely as it will help the work of God in the entire diocese through many ways,” he said.

Rt Rev Edusa-Eyison said the construction of the facility was evident of the great things a collaboration between the lay members of the church and ministers could produce.

Citing instances whereby members of the Methodist Church had donated buildings, cars, and other property to support the work of God, he lauded the Emmanuel Society for the valuable contribution to the project.Ne

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“Whoever has helped with the things of God has not done so in vain. God will replenish in diverse ways. The joy that will come is enormous,” he said, using the story of Abraham in the Bible as a reference.

Rt Rev Edusa-Eyison charged the church and the minister in charge to maintain the facility so it serves generations unborn.



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