Need results from workers; learn from private sector – govt told

The General Secretary of the Industrial and Commercial Workers Union (ICU), Solomon Kotei has charged government to learn the ways of private sector businesses in terms of their work output and gains, and replicate same in the public sector. He made this comment on The Key Points on TV3 Saturday while speaking on issues of salary and productivity on the back of Worker’s Day celebration and labour matters arising. According to Mr. Kotei, the private sector has been successful in terms of ensuring that its workers have the necessary tools to work with in order to produce desired results, but same cannot be said of most public institutions. “We always link it to what is there to work with, and in government circles most especially, that is where you find these issues. “The private employer will make sure that I have the resources, I have the tools,” he said. He noted that there is little to no supervision in the public sector, and this allows most workers to get away with not delivering on their duties. Mr. Kotei said government relies on the private sector to function, and admonished government to pick lessons from the way businesses are run in the private sector to enable the public sector flourish as well. “Government should learn how efficient the private sector has been on the score of its productivity and then take that reflection back to the public sector.” He added, “The essentials of the private sector cannot be overemphasized, without them, government simply cannot work, without them, a lot of things cannot go on.” He also charged government to ensure that state institutions are given the necessary financial allocations to make them rum effectively.

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By Irene Amesimeku||Ghana]]>