Nduom declares ‘relentless’ war on corruption and tribalism


Founder of the Progressive People's Party () Dr Papa Kwesi has asked Ghanaians to wage war against “the twin evils of corruption and tribalism”.

According to him, these cankers are killing the national spirit.

“Our nation is in a deadly embrace with corruption, the rot that is killing our national spirit. That rot gave birth to . That rot is what has sent us back again to the .”

Dr Nduom expressed these sentiments on his official page in his 58th independence anniversary message on Friday, March 6.

He lamented how the of Ghanaians have been made poor in the midst of plenty.

“We have suffered under leaders – political, religious, and social, who have promised a lot to be given the opportunity to lead but have disappointed the people with selfish partisan political and ethnic/tribal approach to governance.”

In prescribing solution to the current crisis, Dr Nduom besides advocating a “relentless war”, called for the constitution to be strictly adhered to.

“We must honour the national promise embedded in our constitution to give equal opportunity to all so that our citizens can be the best that they are willing to work hard for.

“It is time to make a right through free, compulsory education through high school.”

He called on politicians to serve rather than considering the trade as a “path to grab the nation's riches for oneself.”

He added: “We need competent, incorruptible leadership to make our independence worthwhile for all people.”

By Emmanuel Kwame Amoh|3news.com|

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