NDC said Bawumia should speak, he has spoken; why aren’t they coming out to have similar lecture? – Boako

Dr Bawumia

Spokesperson of the Vice President Dr Gideon Boako has dared the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to also hold a similar public ltuerer just as Dr Mahamudu Bawumia did last week to analysis the economic situation.

Speaking on the First Take on 3FM with host Dzifa Bampoh on Tuesday April 12, he said “Have you ever seen the NDC people quiet that they failed woefully so they won’t come to the political scene again? So insofar as he is operating in a political environment and there is competition and the opponent will want people to see that you are doing worst, tell them what you are doing but let people know, compare what you are doing relative to what they did. That is when people can make choices to see whether or not this government is better. Unless you are allergic to the facts, you wouldn’t want us to do that comparison.

“So what the Vice President did, spoke to the issues and and asked questions that people are asking, and said is he is going to deal with them. In dealing with the questions he produced the data to say that, look, all is not as we may want to see but comparatively, looking at where we are coming from, this is the progress we have made. Every economist will do trend analyses using historical time series data, there is nothing wring with that.

“Even here, he didn’t mention NDC but of course, he made reference to periods and you can put your own inference to it. It is important for us to lay that fact bear that, yes, we have a situation, even in the midst of the ravages of Covid-19 and the ramifications of the Ukrainian-Russian war, this is the performance we have put up , it may not be the ultimate performance people are looking up to but if you look at history, this is thus far the best we have had. Who says a politician has no right to make such statements especially when he is speaking to the fact.

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“When Mr Mahama and the NDC started saying government is failing , whey were they saying that?. they needed to produce data, to let us know if truly what they are saying is true . They said Bawumia should speak, he has spoken, why are they not coming out to have similar lecture.”

Followjng Dr Bawmaui’s address, the National Communications Officer of the NDC Sammy Gyamfi accused him of using cooked figures for his analyses of the Ghanaian economy.

He said he felt sad for Ghana after reading the entire speech which was delivered by the Vice President because in his view, Dr Bawumia was insincere and failed to accept responsibility for the failings in the economy.

Speaking on the Key Points on TV3 with host Dzifa Bampoh, Sammy Gyamfi said “I couldn’t listen to the live address by the Vice President but I have taken time to read the 129 page speech he delivered. After I did so, I felt sad for this country because we have a vice president who is very insincere and deceitful.

“The Vice President who is not willing to accept responsibility for his own economic mismanagement and the failings of this government. That 129 page speech is full of blatant falsehoods and a litany of excuses that do not hold water. The use of cooked figures and false statistical data to create an impression this government has done better when the true facts rather show that this country has had its economy deteriorated in the last five years.”

By Laud Nartey|3news.com|Ghana


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