NDC readying to challenge NPP in court – Victor Adawudu

A member of the government’s communications team has hinted that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is preparing to challenge the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) in court.

He says though the NPP’s suit will be against the Electoral Commission (EC), the NDC sees itself as an “interested party’ and so, will prepare to face the NPP.

Victor Adawudu made this known on TV 3’s Headlines on Saturday, December 15, 2012.

He said the NPP has no case because the figures they (NDC) had from their agents tally with those of the EC.

“The figures we have right from the polling stations to the collation centers tally with the EC’s,” said Mr Adawudu.

He said he worked during the election period from the Volta Region and ended up in the Western Region and he found no anomalies.

He remarked that polling agents are accredited to contest results at polling stations and for the NPP agents not to have protested at that level, after counting, leaves a gap in the Party’s decision to go to court.

He aslo stated that the NPP’s decision to go to court should not be regarded as a novelty as it had happened before – in 2004 when Squadron Leader Clend Sowu filed a suit against the 2004 Election results.

Member of the NPP Communication Team Davis Opoku, who was also on the programme, expressed surprise at NDC’s interest in the case.

He said immediately the Party made known its decision to seek legal redress, the NDC became very apprehensive.

He pointed out that the NPP should rather be commended for “entrenching democracy in the country” in its resolve to legally challenge election results.

“What we are doing is not to cause mayhem but to entrench our values as a country,” said Mr Opoku.

Communications Director of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) Nii Armah Akumfrah confirmed that his party’s agents were intimidated at some polling agents.

Others were asked to be “handcuffed by machomen”, he added.

He said the CPP found several anomalies with the election but has restrained itself from bringing those issues up.

“Polling stations exceeded the number, people got to places and were asked to vote at different stations,” Nii Akumfrah stated.

He accused the EC of using a different register from the one given to all the political parties.

He bemoaned “lights going off for 20 minutes” at some polling stations, adding that 37 buses of people were sent to Jomoro to vote.

He mentioned that “as at now our people are being intimidated.”

He also advised the leadership of the two major parties to restrain their supporters from vandalizing property, pointing out that such acts do not augur well for the parties in future elections.

Source: 3news.com|Ghana

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