NDC lost due to certain unfavourable policies – Mark Woyongo

Mr Woyongo
Mr Woyongo
Former Defence Minister Mark Woyongo has attributed his defeat in the December 7 general elections and the abysmal performance of the National Democratic Congress to the failure of government in implementing key polices.
He told host of 3FM morning show, Winston Amoah, on Tuesday that a combination of issues such as complacency and poor management of education related polices like allowances were responsible the NDC loss.
“A combination of factors; the fact that some policies did not go down well with a lot of the people in my area, especially the youth. The issue of school fees, high tariffs electricity and water,” he said.
He said during his campaign in the Navrongo Central Constituency, where many educational institutions are located, a lot of the electorate spoke about school fees.
“They talked about these and it influenced parents because they have to pay high fees such as two thousand Ghana cedis. Most of the time I spent most of my common fund paying fees,” he said.
Mr Woyongo observed the NDC approached the elections, particularly in his constituency, with complacency because of the level of development there, hence did not see the need to put in more effort.
“Coupled with that is the issue of complacency with which we approached the elections because we had done so much in the constituency in the area of development and the party executives  didn’t see the need to strain themselves so everybody relaxed,” Mr Woyongo added.
He said the party has to come to terms with what has happened and “we’ll take up the pieces and strategize for the next elections.”
He said though government instituted some measures to cushion people on their education expenses, the level of poverty of the people made the interventions insufficient.
“They were still paying fees, in SSS, and even JSS though it wasn’t much but looking at the poverty level of the people, it meant so much to them.
Mr Woyongo said by the time he realized the situation on the ground, it was too late, indicating that some of the people, who he described as gullible due to illiteracy,  “had already yielded to the propaganda of the NPP talking about high school fees, high cost of living and others.
“Then also, the withholding of feeding grant resulted in most Senior High School students being sent home and it made them bitter. Navorongo has a lot of educational institutions so that worked against us,” he observed.
Asked why he didn’t draw government’s attention to these pertinent issues, he said government thought otherwise.
“Well government thought it was laying a strong foundation for a second term that’s why people were told to bite the bullet for a better tomorrow. If we’d won this second term would have been a better opportunity for us to make the people more comfortable.
By Mercy C. Adjabeng|3FM|3news.com

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