NDC is politicizing crimes in the country – Kamal Deen


Deputy Communications Director of the Kamal Deen Abdulai has accused the opposition for politicizing crime in the country along their parochial party lines.

He said political commentators like himself and those of the opposition must come out to speak against crime in the country rather than seeking to score political points with innocent lives.

Mr Abdulai said when the politicians decide to polarize crime and look at it with a party spectacle as the NDC is doing in the country then the country has lost the fight in combating crime in the country.

He pointed to Chapter Five of 's where it is postulated that we should all take steps to safeguard the fundamental human rights of the citizens of Ghana. So he said, it is very bad for any individual or politician to paint a bleak picture of Ghana because of their own parochial interest in securing at all cost.

Mr Abdulai said such manner of doing is very dangerous for national development because they are painting a national picture out there that will not inure to the benefit of any Ghanaian.

He gave plaudits to the police service for the professional manner in which they safeguarded the security and sanctity of the by the opposition.

Mr Abdullai however described the NDC demonstration as an exercise to ‘burn cholesterol' by the leading opposition party.

He said this in an interview with on the show on TV3, Wednesday, July 7.

Mr Abdulai was reacting on the heels of the “March For Justice” demonstration organized by the youth wing of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) from the lawns of the Accra Mall to the Flagstaff House to present a petition to the President and also marched to to present another petition to the Speaker of the august House.

“If we are objective, all of us must come together as a collective to speak up against crime and where we decide to politicise it and look at it with a party spectacle then we have lost the fight. Reason is that when we take chapter 5 of the constitution of Ghana, we are told as a people to at least make sure our fundamental human rights are preserved to at least ensure that we play our role as citizens to build this country solidly, not just only government”, he pointed out.

 He added “but when we sit down and paint a bleak picture of the government just because of your own parochialism to be so greedy because you want power, no matter how I want to blame every institution because I want power then that is very dangerous. You are painting a picture out there that will not inure to the benefit of all of us.

“I am happy that yesterday, the police and the security agencies that they sought to bastardize before they even embarked on the exercise to burn their cholesterol, thankfully I saw a professional police service in place and I was juxtaposing this to history, when in 1995, the sitting President of the Republic of Ghana today took part in a ‘Kume Preko' demonstration which saw five people killed under their own tradition”.

By Barima Kwabena Yeboah|3news.com|Ghana

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