NDC debunks NPP's Mahama bribery allegation

Kofi Adams
The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has debunked allegations by the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) that President John Mahama attempted bribing the opposition party’s Northern Region chairman, Daniel Bugri Naabu.
This comes on the back of NPP’s media conference on Tuesday which announced that President Mahama attempted to bribe Mr. Naabu with a V6 Mitsubishi, a brand New V8 Land Cruiser and GH¢3.3 million.
In an interview with 3FM, however, Deputy Campaign Coordinator of the NDC Kofi Adams refuted such allegations saying that the “NPP has made much more serious allegations in the past that they know they falsified and put out there. So, this is not the first time.
“I will be surprised if you think that this is the first time you are hearing this [kind of allegation]. This is a political party that sat down and said let’s collect dead bodies and dump them in the Volta Region so to say our agents were beaten and killed; so to create a situation for an election,” he said.
Mr. Adams alleged that the NDC was privy to a decision by the NPP to churn out such allegations as December 7 approaches.
“We knew of a meeting that Nana Akufo-Addo himself attended where they decided that as the campaign gets to a close, these are kind of things they should be throwing out there because they have realised their campaign is weak and not progressing.
“They think they can do this to sway the attention of Ghanaians but Ghanaians have already made up their mind.”
Also commenting on the issue, co-chair of the Citizens Movement Against Corruption, Edem Senanu said the NPP should have done the right thing by, first, addressing their concerns to the police and not rush to the media, adding that the NDC, however, cannot just rubbish the NPP’s allegations since they are serious.
“Ghanaians deserve to know the truth in this whole thing,” he said.
By Solomon Mensah|3FM|3news.com|Ghana

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