NDC banking on grassroots inclusivity to win 2020 general elections

File: Some NDC delegates[/caption] The German philosopher, Friedrich Wilhelm Hegel, explained that truth emerge from the synthesis of contradicting thoughts; for example, in determining the validity of a logical reasoning you would have to deduce the major and minor premises. In the socio-political perspective, contradictions continuously manifest in various forms, e.g., between the left-wing and the right-wing politics, between the progressives and the reactionaries ideas, between the liberal and the conservative Parties, etc. bringing about advancements in society. In view of this, to claim that the NDC is an “alternative” to the NPP by the mere fact that it is the opposition party somewhat presuppose that the NDC has the same objective as the NPP, and this is simply erroneous. The NDC by its ethos has observed the left-wing social democratic approach in government unparalleled to the NPP – by implementing the bottom-up development policies, i.e., infrastructure and vital social intervention programmes like free school uniforms, free textbooks, free cocoa fertilizer, free cocoa seedlings, as well as payment of premium to cocoa farmers, while increasing the producer price of cocoa. These initiatives go to strengthen social control and cohesion. Having regard to this, it would not be right to say that the NDC is an alternative by the mere fact that it is an opposition Party, because the NDC has no nexus with the NPP and has never failed on its mandate. The ‘freak of power’ that made NPP to win the 2016 general election has brought to us its contradictions demonstrating in the monumental failure of the government. The NPP with its right-wing orientation is basking under left-wing policies of social intervention programmes, and this only shows its bankruptcy in ideas, because it is unfamous to their belief as an unbridled capitalists. The main agenda of the NDC is social democracy which manifest itself within the reality of the people. The current dynamic situation of the people can be expressed by the people as found on the grounds. Going to the people to confirm ideas is an actualization of the social democratic principle. When you go out to talk to the farmers, the fisher folks, nurses, doctors and all and sundry directly, you learn a lot. And the suggestions they make are so profound to enhance the manifesto that will be put together for the electorates to enhance the social democratic agenda. The NDC seeks to present a credible program by way of manifesto. The current disappointment of Ghanaians in the NPP government; for example, the failure and collapse of businesses, the massive loss of jobs, the rapid depreciation of the cedi against the major foreign currencies and the crackdown of our national security present to us the need to articulate a very comprehensive program to the Ghanaian electorates on how these problems will be solved. This task has caused the Party to set up a Manifesto Committee. The essence of the Party Manifesto Committee is to terms with the bottom-up approach. In other words, many of our party supporters and sympathisers, in the constituencies, in the regions, have some very interesting ideas to many of the issues coming out. They can help by harnessing their knowledge in improving the manifesto. After all, the manifesto must speak to the aspirations of the people, and who better than the rank and file to articulate their ideas to the issues at hand? Moreover, it indicates the humility and the renewal of the leadership of the NDC. The furore of people in the ruling party that NDC has no idea is therefore laughable, it sense shivers to their spin knowing very well that the consultation will lead to clearer and better understanding of the problems on the ground which the ruling does not want to appreciate.

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By Michael Sumaila Nlasia]]>