NDC accuses US, UK of taking sides in clash at Nana Addo’s residence

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is accusing the diplomatic missions of the United Kingdom and the United States of failing to do due diligence in their assessment of the recent clashes between their supporters and those of the opposition.
The two foreign missions in Ghana on Monday condemned Sunday’s violent clashes at the residence of New Patriotic Party’s flagbearer, calling on the major political actors to call their supporters to order.
The two countries further warned of taking serious “action against anyone engaging in or inciting political violence in the country including refusing or revoking visas”.
But in a statement signed by Dr Kofi Portuphy, the Chairman of the party, the NDC blamed the two countries for taking sides on the matter when due diligence has not been made.
 “The NDC notes with concern a direct accusation made against the NDC by a US representative without recourse to the facts of the incident. We believe that if our diplomatic friends had been a bit more painstaking and diligent in their inquiry into the incident, they would have become aware of the facts and not be subject to manipulation by the maliciously efficient propaganda machine of the NPP.
“We believe that our international partners must be more diligent in seeking the truth rather than relying on biased political and media propaganda”.
The party, however, emphasizes that preliminary report from the police regarding the investigation exonerates it of any wrongdoing.
“It is worthy for the two missions to note that the preliminary report of the police vindicates the NDC and its supporters.”
The party has assured of a continuous effort to ensure peace and transparency in the upcoming polls.
“We believe that Ghana is on a path of consolidating its democracy and is a firm believer in the rule of law. The NDC government will, as always, continue to work for peaceful, free, fair and democratic elections, free from violence and intimidation.”
Mahama vs Nima Police
In a related development, President John Mahama has blamed the Nima Divisional Police Command for the clash between supporters of his party and the opposition NPP.
President Mahama commenting on the issue for the first time accused the police of failing to anticipate the situation before it occurred.
“I think that the police at Nima should have been better briefed knowing that this group was passing through,” he said.
By Collins Essuman|3FM|3news.com|Ghana

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