Nat’l Security called upon to stop United Krobo Foundation amid ECG impasse

Demonstrations in Kroboland against ECG have been instigated by the United Krobo Foundation

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of African Energy Consortium Limited, Kwame Jantuah, has added his voice to appeals made by the residents of Kpong in the Lower Manya Krobo District in the Eastern Region to the Electricity Company of Ghana to reverse their decision not to supply power to them.

Speaking on TV3‘s New Day breakfast show, lawyer Jantuah, however, told the host, Johnnie Hughes, that for him, the whole problem emanated from the behaviour of the United Krobo Foundation.

“For me, the most challenging thing there is the United Krobo Foundation. Look, they are used to taking fraudulent money from the community. The day it stops, it turns into something else. Anybody who comes around…and tease them with small money, you’ll see what will happen there because the people are scared of them.”

He, therefore, called on National Security to bring an end to the UFK before it becomes “something else”.

“I hope National Security is watching. They should put an end to this United Krobo Foundation immediately. The next time you see, they’ll be the ones in the south to bring in some of these illegal groups that are causing mayhem in West Africa and we shouldn’t sit and just let it go like that. National Security should do something about it immediately,” he appealed.

The energy expert has advised Ghanaians not to take the Electricity Company of Ghana for granted and has asked that the CEO of ECG should make Ghanaians aware that he’ll not make it slide should they be taken for granted.

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“The Chief Executive Officer of ECG should make it well-aware to Ghanaians that he’s not ready to sit and let people take ECG for granted in terms of them not paying, in terms of tampering with equipment and let them know that what has happened in Krobo will happen anywhere in Ghana and any company in Ghana.

“He has a duty of care to Ghanaians in terms of supplying us electricity and we are not prepared and as you know, Ghanaians are not prepared to pay all this 148% , they are not prepared and these are some of the things that push them to bring those types of tariffs up…However, nobody should take ECG for granted… because we need the power.”

By Esther N.K Aryee||Ghana