National Security to blame for ‘ISIS recruits’ from Ghana – Security expert

A security expert has faulted the National Security for the alleged recruitment of a Ghanaian by Islamic fundamentalist group Islamic State (IS).

Reports are rife the terrorist group is indoctrinating and recruiting more Ghanaian youth with the recent case of Mohammed Nazir Nortei Alema, who sent a message to his family on August 16 that he has joined the group in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

The reports came as a shock not only to the immediate family of the 25-year-old Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) graduate but also the entire nation, forcing the National Security to launch an investigation into the clandestine activities of terrorist groups in Ghana.

But speaking to TV3’s Narkwor Kwabla on Thursday, August 27, Wing Commander (retired) Pat Sorgbordzor laid the blame at the doorstep of the state-security apparatus.

“I am not castigating our National Security but if it was working properly like some of us have been trained, there must be a constant flow of infomationr,” he said.

“They should have gotten wind that there is a recruiting agency or cell here.”

‘Not the mode’

He described as “not the mode” moves by the National Security to investigate the case after the “departure” of the recruit.

The retired security chief was concerned, though, about the reasons that will inform the Geography and Rural Development graduate to join ISIS.

“He must have done that either from pecuniary reasons or he is becoming a fundamentalist in Islam, which does not teach violence.

“So one or two people going to Syria, Iraq to fight, if they are attracted by money, then maybe they forget they are going to war.”

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