Narcotics Control Commission on high alert for illegal substances at borders following reopen

The Narcotics Control Commission has said it is on high alert at the various borders following the reopen of the entry points by the President.

Speaking to TV3’s Roland Walker on Monday March 28, Investigations Officer at the Aflao border, Ketu Kofiste, said “After the closure of the border we kind of had to re-strategize and wait. The re-strategy, what we did was those who have obtained permit from the various embassies and then the Immigration authority, when they are exiting or entering they have to follow the produce. After all the necessary documentation you come to the vehicle inspection and examination where our officers will conduct examination on the vehicle.

“You know, with narcotics there are different ways of concealing those things, so we do that. Before we do the examination, we peruse the documents to cross check and if those things are genuine, we do the examination, if we find nothing illegal or contraband or anything related to drugs or money laundering, we stop it.

“So now that the border is opened, we have detailed our officers as is done to the arrival side, everyone who comes, if he is a person of interest we call the person, we do the profiling, if it not of interest we just leave it to go.”

Meanwhile, Activities at the Aflao border in the Volta region on Monday remained slow despite the opening of the land borders by the President.

This is due to the persistent closure of the Togo side of the border, Immigration Officers said.

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Sector Commander for Aflao of the Ghana Immigration Service, Frederick Duodu also told Roland Walker that “The first day has been normal, the place is calm. If you go out you will see that we don’t have a lot of people crossing.

“This is because the Togo side of the border is not opened, the closure is still in force so it has made the movement of persons through Aflao to Togo to other parts of West Africa not flowing. So, it is our hope that maybe next week the Togo, Cotonou and other countries will also open so that the free flow will happen along the border.”

He added “Before the closure, averagely we have about 5000 persons a day who access the Aflao border. Now, as per the president’s directive yesterday, officials will check their vaccination, those who are fully vaccinated before we allow the person to entire the country.”

In the Western Region, the Member of Parliament for Jomoro, Dorcas Affo-Toffey, said the closure of the borders brought a lot of hardship to the people living in the border towns.

“Today is a very exciting day for me in particular because it has been a fight well fought. We have actually fought for a long time and the time has really come today for the land borders to be reopened, it is a very exciting day and I thank God for this.

“It hasn’t been easy for the residents and constituents but of course in his time, he makes everything beautiful. So today being the day that the land borders are reopened, I think I will be very happy,” she told journlaists on Monday March 28.

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President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on Sunday March 27 announced that all land and sea borders have been opened.

“Fully vaccinated travellers would be allowed entry through the land and sea borders without any PCR and Antigen tests from the country of embarkation.

“Citizens and foreign residents in Ghana who are not fully vaccinated would have to do a prior arrival 48-hour PCR Test and will be offered vaccination at the point of entry,” he said in his 28th Covid-19 update.

He further announced that fully vaccinated travellers would not need PCR and Antigen Tests.

In his 28th Covid-19 address to the nation on Sunday March 27, he said “Fully vaccinated travellers would not need PCR and Antigen Tests from the country of embarkation to allow them entry into the country through the KIA.

“Citizens and foreign residents in Ghana not fully vaccinated would need to do a prior arrival 48-hour PCR Test, Antigen test on arrival and will be offered vaccination at the KIA.”

By Laud Nartey||Ghana


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