Nana Konadu denies NDC running mate reports

Mrs.  Nana Konadu Agyemang-Rawlings, a former First Lady and Founder of the National Democratic Party (NDP), on Wednesday deniedallegation that she had re-joined the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Mrs. Agyemang-Rawlings said it was never true that she had left the NDP, and had agreed to become the NDC Presidential Candidate’s running mate for Election 2016.

The former First Lady made the denial during an interaction with participants at a public forum jointly organised by theCommunity Organization Bureau Network of Ghana (COBNOG) and Developing Women Mobilization (DWM) at Abesim in the Sunyani Municipality.

Both COBNOG and DWM are Ghanaian non-governmental organisations, promoting among other objectives citizenship education on national constitutional issues. 

The forum, aimed at educating the participants on the country’s Constitution, was under the theme: “Ghana must work again with special emphasis on integrity and shared leadership for good governance.”

Mrs. Agyemang-Rawlings urged followers of the NDP to remain committed towards the realization of the party’s vision, to surmount any false information being propagated by the media and a section of the general public.

She pointed out that the National Constitution was being gambled with by the leaders of the country, saying that strict recourse to constitutional path and functions of leadership shall remain imperative for the NDP to re-ignite the engine of drive to social goals.

“The 1992 Constitution sprung from noble antecedents of our political past and precepts of leadership morality and set the nation in governance of shared leadership from the executive down to our communities and workplaces,” she noted.

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Mrs. Agyemang-Rawlings said the people needed to see the organic development of the rules of national consensus, with strong emphasis on people’s power.

She, therefore, suggested that the Assembly and Unit Committee members must add up to Members of Parliament (MPs) in an enlarged Electoral College to almost 40,000, on the tenor of Article 69 of the Constitution, on the removal of non-performing Presidents.

Mrs. Agyemang-Rawlings   said there must be a shared responsibility in leadership with moral precepts of transparency, probity, accountability, social justice, national cohesion and integrity, to bring restoration of the lost hearty national spirit.

She stated that the rights and freedoms of the people must be respected, and not to undermine moral principles compromising the normalcy and preservation of national moral fibre.

Mrs. Agyemang-Rawlingsasked leaders to exude qualities of moral principles, and be a railying factor for national cohesion and integrity.

She added “a clear  case of leadership deficiency  in the country has given rise to all the unending social ills from  the  ‘Azontaba’ scam to the ‘Zabtaba’ Supreme  Court decided judgement  debt corruption  still dragging in blatant abuse  of our  legal system”.

Mrs. Agyemang-Rawlings said the mismanagement of the country’s economy was being manifested in mass deprivation, unemployment, a deluge of corruption and “dumsor,” symbolizing national obscurity from inspired innovation and creativity.

The former First Lady said the national discourse was trivialized in political equalization, aimed at political deception, therefore making a political capital out of mass ignorance, instead of fulfilling social democratic interventions.

Mrs. Agyemang-Rawlings stressed the need for Ghanaians to rise again to restore national productivity, to ensure secured livelihoods, adding that it becomes difficult for the general public to accept political party manifesto scams that brought nothing to the people.

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Source: GNA