Myth House: Turning Scraps into Fashion Statement Pieces

Myth House: Turning Scrapyard into Fashion Statement Pieces
Myth House

Kuukua, CEO of Myth House, talks to Berla Mundi on the Day Show about her radical statement pieces. Once upon a time, a graduate of Printing from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Technology, Kuukua is now a pace-setting business entrepreneur in the fashion industry.

Myth House’s fascination with metal started at the University of East London, where Kuuku worked on vast (making fabric out of metal pieces) whiles studying print design under textiles.

After 8 years, the Ghanaian brand, Myth House, has grown into an accessory brand perfectly complimenting the modern, youthful, trendy haute woman.

“It stands for the woman we design for. Which is the modern, youthful, trendy haute woman.”

According to Kuukua, her metal bags received mixed reactions, with some referencing bird cages and others enthralled by the chic simplicity.

What motives the woman behind the Myth House brand? “Honestly, I think I’m just a bold fashion statement lady. I don’t like the norm, so not leather, not fabric. So why don’t we push the narrative a little, and in pushing the narrative a little, here we are with metal,” Kuukua responded.

Like every business, Myth House has its own challenges, especially concerning production machinery and clean finishing deserving of the brand.

Myth House is an accessory brand with metal bags, corsets and belts. Looking to outdoor other products, including metal furniture pieces, on their 10th anniversary.


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