‘My work has produced the beautiful girls you see in town’ – Obengfo to critics

File: Dr Obengfo (R) examining one of his clients before liposuction[/caption] The Chief Executive of Advanced Body Sculpt Centre, popularly known as Obengfo Hospital, Dr Dominic Obeng Andoh, has asked Ghanaians not to be concerned about his certificate in liposuction but the quality his work. “Let no one think that Dr Obeng Andoh is doing everything bad,” he told TV3’s Wendy Laryea Thursday when asked to comment on the training he had before venturing into liposuction procedure in the country. The man, who is popularly known as Dr Obengfo, said his expertise has attracted a broad base clientele from across the globe, including his wife and even wives of some medical doctors. “I get clients from round the world; from everywhere including doctors, including doctors wives, so if it is bad, how will I even do it on my own wife, my own staff?” he quizzed.

Ghana’s Medical and Dental Council has questioned the background of the medical practitioner in liposuction, claiming he has no training whatsoever to perform such cosmetic procedure in the country. The Council last year cautioned the public against patronising the facility following the arrest of Dr Andoh for his alleged involvement in the death of Stacy Offei Darko, who was the deputy chief executive of the National Entrepreneurship Innovative Programme. Dr Obengfo was alleged to have performed liposuction procedure on Ms Offei Darko in May last year during which she reportedly died. On the back of the development, the public questioned his expertise in liposuction and educational background in the area, with some claiming he had only two weeks training in the United States. He was later arrested and charged for being unregistered practitioner and operating an unlicenced health facility, but he was on October 8 acquitted after the court found the evidence adduced to be insufficient.
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Critics being mischievous In an exclusive interview with  Wendy Laryea on Thursday, Dr Obengfo declined to answer questions on his training in liposuction, stating those talking about his qualification are only being mischievous. “Let’s even assume I didn’t even do any training and I’m doing such quality work, will you not give me an award?” she asked rhetorically. In his view, those questioning his competency are being driven by the medical and dental council. “Let’s assume today, as I stand now, God puts brilliant medical idea into my brains now that nobody taught me and I’m solving medical problems… and then I follow the process to the letter are you going to arrest me,” he asked. When pushed further on how long he was trained in liposuction, he responded: “I won’t even go into that. Now my products are so visible, I am not going to defend myself anyway. Do you see all the beautiful girls in town? Do you see all the transformation in town?” He argued that if that was an issue, the Medical and Dental Council could still have taken him to court but noted “they could not and they haven’t. By Stephen Kwabena Effah|3news.com|Ghana ]]>