My readiness for the job made me popular and a successful MP – Sosu

Lawmaker for Madina, Francis-Xavier Sosu has said he became popular and successful a Member of Parliament due to his preparedness for the job. 

Speaking to Anthony Dzamefe on a Father’s Day Out, Mr Sosu who is also a private legal practitioner said he knew the problems that his constituents were facing and was ready to work for solutions when he was elected as leader.

He added that he immediately started solving the issues after being elected. That, he said, made him a popular figure in his constituency and earned him the tag of a successful Member of Parliament in less than 3 years.

“It’s been I think a year and a half, not even three years and I think that it is essentially the readiness for the job that is part of the reasons. I have been desiring to serve in any capacity,” he said.

Mr Sosu also listed some of the problems he solved in his community.

“From being a lawyer to a Member of Parliament, there were things I saw that we were really worrying our system that I felt I could do something about it, and right after I became a member of parliament, I started working on it.

“The Madina job center we began, we’ve connected in excess of about 5000 people to the job already and it’s a daily thing so I can’t even tell the new entrants they have received”.

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Sosu also said one of the toughest decisions he ever took as an MP was leading his constituency on a demonstration against his government to fix bad roads.