My pregnant wife has run away with my twins – Funny Face

From all indications, a lot more drama is brewing in comedian Funny Face’s life including his marriage.

After taking to social media to attack actors Kalybos, Lilwin, and Bismark The Joke, accusing them of constantly peddling falsehood about him, the actor is having serious challenges at home too.

Funny Face has now made some wild revelations about the current state of his marriage and children.

According to him, he strongly believes that his wife, the mother of his twins, is behind all the drama and negativity he is currently going through.

He alleged that the mother of his twins has been arming his enemies – including Kalybos, Lilwin, and Bismark The Joke – with information about him.

Funny Face, who was described by his ex-wife, Elizabeth Adjoa Ntim in September 2017 as a two-minute man, welcomed twins with his current wife about a year ago.

A year after that, the comedian has revealed that his wife is pregnant again and they expecting another set of twins.

Ordinarily, this would have been some good news for Funny Face but in a shocking twist of events, the actor revealed that his wife has run away with his twins.

He posted on social media that, “aswear tomorrow am going full attaaaaaack on LIL WIN .. because the mother of my children is not emotional strong .. you have tricked her into doing dis to me Kwadwo … ? 😢 .. Aswear KWADWO .. I WILL DIE WITH YOU IN GHANA … am sorry @bolarayofficial .. what am going through can’t be explained .. da moment I miss dem .. I WANT TO GO HAY WIRE 😡😡”

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The ‘Cow & Chicken’ actor further added, “let dem bring my children to me .. because she can’t take care of dem … my mother is der she can take care of dem .. my sisters are der.😢😢 I DONT GIVE A F*CK right now .. abt what anybody thinks abt me now .. have been through shot .. my only JOY was my #ELLAandBELLA .. aswear I will kill for dis girls .. #ATTAAAMAAME .. ur last warning bring my children .. or else I will just lay da foundation for u .. “ just to say “ FIMM FIMM “ like u can never step out in Ghana again .. HOW CAN U DO DIS TO ME? how much DID LIL WIN PAY YOU.”

Checks his posts below:

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