My necklace alone can buy an uber – Fameye replies troll

I prefer Record of the Year – Fameye unhappy with the VGMA23 Songwriter of the Year win

Fameye is not taking it easy trolls coming for the authenticity of his outfit, especially his jewellery.

During an interview on Okay FM, Fameye addressed his reply to a troll who insinuated that his necklace was fake and cheap. He challenged the claim saying, “I am richer than some of you. But you misbehave when you come online.”

In his defence, Fameye pointed out that it doesn’t hurt to correct people once in a while. According to him, he has been dealing with people who have a habit of spewing loose talk since birth and knows how and when to handle them.

“Somethings you must say it as it is. Just look at me online making a live video with two chains dangling majestically on my neck. Then someone tells me it is aluminium. Never. This chain can buy uber. It can buy an uber for some of them on the streets to use as a means of livelihood.
“So sometimes you need to put people straight because you should always play the humble part for people to disrespect you,” he concluded.

*Uber, as used in this context, refers to cars usually used for the taxi service.

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana

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