My husband is not the father of our children; Should I tell him? – Woman on Confessions with Ms Nancy

My husband is not the father of our children; should I tell him? -Ghanaian woman on Confessions with Ms Nacy

A Ghanaian woman whose identity has been hidden confided in Confessions with Ms Nancy that the biological father of her childer is her driver. She confessed to having an affair with her driver due to pressure to get pregnant after three years of childless marriage.

According to the confessor, doctors cleared her as being medically fit to get pregnant. But her husband refused to get himself checked. She said that pressure from her husband’s family and society drove her into the arms of the man employed to drive her around.

“I have been happily married for more than six years now. But the first four years were kind of hard. In the first year of my marriage, i couldn’t conceive. I wasn’t so worried because it was just the first year. But then the second, the third, still nothing. So i decided to go and see a doctor. He said there was nothing wrong, so he recommended that my husband should also come and check himself.

“My husband says he already has a child so he is fine. There’s nothing wrong with him. And during those years, I was having pressure from his family and society. I even got depressed at some point. I really had to give him a child like everybody was expecting. I love my husband so much that I wanted to make him happy.”

According to the distraught woman, the affair with her driver happened twice, resulting in two pregnancies. Now, her past is haunting her, and she does not know what to do.

“Our driver was very nice, and we began to flirt. One thing led to another, and because of the pressure on me, I gave in. So we had sex. I got pregnant with the driver. And we had another one again. So I have two children that my husband thinks it’s his.
My dilemma is that I haven’t been feeling okay for two years because of what I have done. I don’t know if I should tell him because we are happy now.”

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By: Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana