My ‘Freedom and Justice’ has no political affiliations – Kobi Rana pleads

My 'Freedom and Justice' has no political affiliations - Kobi Rana pleads
Freedom and Justice movie (Kobi Rana)

The ‘Red and Chocolate’ day is fast approaching. And, as usual, Kobi Rana has cooked up a movie titled ‘Valentine’s Day, which he hopes would have no political tag, unlike his ‘Freedom and Justice’ movie.

Kobi Rana is professionally known to be a singer, director, actor, and choreographer who is good at his career. He disclosed how one of his movies, ‘Freedom and Justice’, threatened some political parties on Showbiz360 with Giovani.

According to Kobi, he conducted thorough research before writing the movie. He pleaded with his fans not to tag associate any political innuendos like how ‘certain’ political groups see it.

He chipped in this topic when asked how he felt when Captain Smart, one of Ghana’s daring journalists, requested to premier the movie(Freedom and Justice) on his YouTube channel.

Kobi said, “I will use this opportunity, ‘Freedom and Justice’ are completely not political. It is not good to say this on television, but I am so bad at listening to the news. I don’t even listen to the news. I am too busy. Like my other movies, ‘Sala’ and the others, ‘ Freedom and Justice’ is purely my talent as a writer. It has got nothing to do with any political party.”

He added, “I had a lot of backlash from some group of elders that were not really happy about the film, thinking we were attacking them. But this is just an economic something I made research on, and I wrote. So it’s not political at all. So I don’t want to involve names. It is just a film.”

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By Lordina Nayeram Bessie||Ghana