My ex-boyfriend was jealous of my ‘male bestie’- Jennifer confesses on Date Rush

Jennifer and Desmond(Date Rush)

Jennifer disclosed on Date Rush that she ended her previous relationship because her boyfriend was jealous of her male friends. She said he also had a temper which made it a terrible combination. Yesterday, she found a better replacement on the Date Rush show.

Jennifer recounted the verbal abuse she received from her ex-boyfriend because he was overprotective and controlling. Her ex-boyfriend was envious of her numerous boyfriend and had a temper to match the suspicious attitude.

Jennifer said, “There was a time, he visited me and found a friend with me. He got angry and started accusing me of dating the person. And that was it, and we ended there.” She said this was why she ended her 3-year relationship.

She admitted that she has a lot of male friends than female friends. When asked if she would act differently because this ‘miscommunication’ caused her previous breakup, Jennifer said she would not. She insisted that there is nothing wrong with having a male friend.
She said, “When I am in a relationship, and I have a male friend. It doesn’t mean that I should stop talking to my male friend. I don’t get too close to my male friends when I have a boyfriend. When my boyfriend is not comfortable with it, I will limit the way I am with my friend for us to have a happy relationship.”

She also said that if the roles were reversed, she would draw his attention if she’s not comfortable with her man’s female friend.
At the end of the night, Jennifer paired with Desmond to begin a journey of love. Do not miss the next episode of Date Rush on Sunday at 8 pm.

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