My bro & I were always 1st in class, even when on sick bed – Mona Gucci

Sensational TV host, Mona Gucci, has revealed on her ‘Biribi Gyegye Wo’ show on Onua TV that she and her brother were always first in class, both in primary school and in Senior High School.

 Tik Tok stars Whitney, Jackline Mensah and Gil_Bby made guest appearances on the show to talk about their background, their Tiktok journey, and how the App has been beneficial to them in terms of monetary value and stardom.

Mona Guuci expressed disappointment at Tiktok star Whitney, who said she wanted to become a doctor as a child but had to divert to become a nurse because she was not academically disciplined.

“I am disappointed that you couldn’t become a doctor. My brother and I were always first in class. Even when we were sick and had to be in the hospital, we would still emerge first in the class. The only time someone took over was when we didn’t come to school the whole term or stopped the school. I was focused’’, she said.

‘Screen Goddess’, as she likes to refer to herself, Mona Gucci is known for making headlines and expressing her views on topical issues.

Mona Gucci is the host of ‘Biribi Gyegye Wo’ on Onua TV which airs on Thursdays and Saturdays.  The show brings together panellists to talk mostly about trendy issues pertaining to the entertainment industry in Ghana.

By Prince Nartey||Ghana

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