Muslim-majority Kano State bans mannequin heads on Islamic grounds

Muslim-majority Kano State bans mannequin heads on Islamic grounds
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Nigerian Islamic police in Kano State has ordered shops to use only headless mannequins to display clothing. According to the Muslim-majority state in Nigeria, the fully assembled mannequin resembles a human being and promotes idolatry.

Speaking to the BBC, the commander of the Sharia police, Haruna Ibn-Sina said, “Islam frowns on idolatry. With the head on it looks like a human being.
Mr Haruna Ibn-Sina also ordered all headless mannequins to be covered at all times. The explanation is that “the shape of the breast, the shape of the bottom, is contrary to the teachings of Sharia (Islamic law).”

Kano is part of the Muslim-majority states in northern Nigeria that practice Sharia (Islamic law). Although legally, the Sharia is supposed to apply to only Muslims, Christians living in the region are pressure to obey the hisbah’s ( Sharia Police) rules. Including the new embargo on full-bodied mannequins.

Many senior Muslim clerics back the hisbah’s orders and say that “Islam is against carving human statues, whatever name you want to call it.” Also, many Muslims living in the area support the new ban, but a handful of younger Muslims feel otherwise. They believe that the interpretation of the Islamic teachings on mannequins is wrong.

“Islam forbids idolatry, but the hadith [teachings of Prophet Muhammad] is clear on Allah judging your intentions. Unless you are bowing down to a mannequin, it can’t be seen as a sin,” said a Muslim cleric who did not want to be named.

Moses Ajebo, a radio talk-show host in Kano city, said, “We have received lots of calls and messages from those who say they disagree with the order.”

There have been attempts in other Muslim- majority countries to restrict the use of mannequins, but this is the first in Nigeria.

Source: BBC

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana