Music producer 'sorry' for Obrafour’s ‘Aseda’

Wei Ye Oteng (L) says he did his part while Obrafour (R) also did his part[/caption] Music producer Justice Oteng, known in showbiz as Wei Ye Oteng, who has come under serious scrutiny in recent times for what some people think was one of the bad productions for Obrafour, has apologized for his work on single ‘Aseda’. Wei Ye Oteng’s apology came after entertainment pundit Ernestina Afari also known as Silky Sweet criticized the song for its substandard quality. According to her, the first minute of the song sounds like a demo. She further pleaded with Obrafour to take the song back to the studio for it to be done well. In an interview on Accra-based Onua FM, the boss of Drum Lyne Studios, Oteng, who produced and engineered the song, said “I feel I have done my part as a producer. Obrafour has also done his part by singing. We did something different this time around but if some section of the people feel the song was not properly done we are sorry. Those who have commended us and feel the song is on point they should keep enjoying the song.” He said no explanation from him will change the perception people have cultivated for the song now. “I will rather urge the people to just understand us and accept this one just as it is. We have a lot of stuff for the people,” he assured. “We only regret for things we haven’t done, but not things we have done. We can only learn better from the things we have done.”

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By Emmanuel Agyemang|Onua 95.1FM||Ghana ]]>