Music is powerful; There are spirits behind songs – Perez Musik

Music is powerful; There are spirits behind songs - Perez Musik
Perez Musik
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According to Ghanaian gospel singer Perez Musik, music is a forceful influential tool for good and bad deeds. During an interview on the TV3 New Day show, Frank Nii Okai Tagoe disclosed that he decided not to joke with his gift as soon as he realized how gifted with his voice.

He said, “Music is a very powerful tool. It can bring out an emotion in you. It can encourage you to either do evil or do good. I mean music is strong, and there is a spirit behind the music. When I realized how good I was on my gifting, I didn’t take it easy on myself. I knew it was a big thing that can change a life. So I decided not to joke with my gift.”

According to Perez Musik, his new song ‘Hewale lala’, was inspired by a phase of life he passed through last year.

“I was trying to build something together for myself and my ministry last year. And then, something happened, and I lost everything. One morning, I woke up and realized have lost everything. It really broke me. At a point, I asked God why he had to take everything from me because I was actually doing that for him and the ministry.”

According to Perez Musik, that incident caused a shift in his mind and attitude. But he was recused by the Holy Spirit, who dropped a song in his spirit. That song is none other than his new single,

“At a point, it affected my thinking. I was very down. So I was coming from a place I shouldn’t be at just because I was down. I was very worried, and then I heard this song. I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me. I will strengthen you, I will lift you, no evil shall befall you, and the plans of the enemy to destroy you will not come to pass. And I will make you prosperous like the river banks,” he concluded.

‘Hewale lala’ (Song of Strength) is a single spirit-filled song released on the 14th January 2022 and can be accessed on all platforms.

By Gladys Cudjoe||Ghana

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