Music is more than just talent and passion – Nii Tackie Tetteh, GMA-UK CEO

Music is more than talent and passion - Nii Tackie Tetteh, GMA-UK CEO
Nii Tackie-Tetteh

According to the Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Music Awards (GMA)-UK, Nii Oforo Tackie-Tetteh, making music is no longer about the talent possessed by an artiste as perceived.
He lists hard work, consistency, and networking as guarantees of success for artistes.

Speaking in an interview on TV3 New Day, Nii Tackie-Tetteh noted that some talented artistes have been in the music industry for long years without breaking through to the front because of inconsistency, laziness and terrible networks. But younger artistes have taken over the industry, and their music is making waves on airplay.

He advised artistes and industry players to make prudent use of social media to promote their music and works respectively to be recognized globally.

“We also have musicians who just got into the music scene, and their songs just make a hit when they push in hard work. So don’t sit down and think you are talented. You can play the keyboard, guitar etc., so that makes you musically good. It’s not like that anymore.

“Times have changed. You need to do your plugins; you need to work hard and use social media.”

Nii Tackie-Tetteh explained that the quality of songs and their ratings in the London music space is considered for the requirements for stage performances at the GMA UK.

He further stated that the crowd is likely not to dance to music by an artiste whose song is unpopular in the UK and whose stagecraft is not commendable.

The CEO also added that artistes in Ghana who meet the selection standards made them eligible to perform on the award scheme’s platform.

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He said, “Some artistes in Ghana meet up to the standard of artistes outside Ghana, and as a promoter, we look at the quality of a musicians craft. We do not just select them to come to perform on stages.”

“If you come in there as an artist, your stagecraft is very important to us. We got some artistes who have very good tracks. But when they get on stage, they can’t pull up with the crowd.

“An artiste can have a song that is doing well in Ghana and is not doing very well in London. We look at all that,” he added.

Nii Tackie-Tetteh revealed that his job as a radio presenter and DJ enables him to help artistes in Ghana promote their songs in London to gain ground in the London music market.

The CEO commended Ghanaian artistes for their tremendous arts and works. He also encouraged them to pay attention to making their music cross borders for international recognition.

By Benedicta Naa Lamiorkor Lawson||Ghana