MPs resume from break

File photo[/caption] Parliament will reconvene from recess today to begin work on a number of bills, motions and instruments currently before the House for consideration, passage and approval. Fifty bills are expected to be presented before the 175 members of parliament under this sitting which is the second of the third session under the 7th Parliament, a statement from the Public Affairs Department of Parliament said. There are currently 22 bills before some Committees of the House. These include Vigilantism and Related Offences 2019, Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2019, Legal Profession (Amendment) Bill, 2018, Interstate Succession Bill, 2018, Ghana Cocoa Board (Amendment) Bil,2017, Ghana Book Development Agency Bill, 2018. The National Road Safety Authority Bill, 2019 is at the Consideration stage. “There are at least two notices of questions,” the statement said, noting “there are over 80 referrals to the various committees. The statement said there is is only one motion for debate at the moment, and five Instruments and 45 papers are expected to be presented this session. Bills expected to be presented to the House include Ghana Technology University College Bill, 2019, Public Private Partnership Bill, 2019, Consumer Protection Bill, 2019, National Research Fund Bill, 2019, Affirmative Action Bill, 2019, National Road Safety Bill, 2019 and the Creative Arts Bill, 2019 By|Ghana]]>

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