MPs move to fix faulty pontoon on Volta Lake

Members of Parliament in the Afram Plains area are putting measures in place to ensure that the pontoon, which is the safest transport on the Volta Lake, is repaired to facilitate transportation of the people in the area.

The Member of Parliament for Afram Plain North, Emmanuel Aboagye Didiyie, is to meet the management of the Volta Lake Transport to, as a matter of urgency, replace the faulty pontoon on the Volta Lake.

According to the MP, “there is an old pontoon at Dambai that can be rehabilitated to replace the faulty one at Afram Plains which has not been working for some months now.”

Commuters who use the Volta Lake risk losing their lives when making their journey on overcrowded boats as a result of a broken down pontoon.

Speaking on the faulty pontoon on Onua FM’s Yensempa today, Mr. Aboagye Didieye said “I will speak to the MD of the Volta Lake to replace it because it is the only means of transport for the people of the area which also brings revenue to the government”.

Also, the MP for Afram Plains South, Joseph Appiah Boateng said “as early as possible, the pontoon must be fixed”.

He said “for now, one engine is spoilt so they are using one engine. The pontoon must now turn when it gets to its destination, but under normal circumstance it should have come backwards with another engine, which is dangerous”.

By Kweku Antwi-Otoo/Onua 95.1 FM/

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