MPs defy Speaker’s 10 o’clock directive in his absence

The main chamber of Parliament was empty at 10:00am on Thursday contrary to a resolve by members to begin work on time.

On Wednesday, February 3, after complaints by leadership about failure of members of the executive to appear on the floor on time, Speaker Edward Doe Adjaho resolved to ensure that proceedings begin at exactly 10:00am.

However, our correspondent reported on News 360 on Thursday, February 4 that as of 10:00am, there was no one in the chamber, barely 24 hours after the Speaker’s directive.

As time went on the MPs trickled in one after the other, Evelyn Tengmaa reported.

The First Deputy Speaker, Ebo Barton Oduro, was ushered into the chamber at 10:30am with only few members present, our correspondent said.

The “defiance” of the Speaker’s directive was not mentioned as the Minister of Health, Dr Alex Segbefia, was called up to answer questions on the floor.


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