MP, former DCE in spat as tension rises in Ahanta West NPP primary

Ahanta West MP Kojo Kum (L) and DCE

The Member of Parliament of Ahanta West Constituency in the Western Region, Ebenezer Kojo Kum, has described as laughable a proclamation by a former District Chief Executive for the area, Kwesi Biney, that he is the “Messiah to take Ahanta West to the promised land”. Lawyer Kojo Kum insisted that the former DCE cannot hold himself as the “so called Ahantaman messiah” when the development history of Ahanta West shows that he did nothing monumental during his tenure. “When you left us in 2009, we are at a standstill and waiting for you…that you will come back in 2020 before you will come and take us to the Promised Land. There is no Promised Land anywhere that someone is taking us to. There is no Messiah, no Saviour from anywhere who is coming to take us anywhere. He [Kwesi Biney] sang the same song in 2015, nobody listened. He is singing the same song in 2020 and I know Ahantaman will not listen.” The former DCE, Kwesi Biney, while picking his nomination form to contest the upcoming parliamentary election of the NPP described the tenure of the MP as disastrous. The former DCE had descended heavily on the MP that before 2016, he was described as “fantastic lawyer Kojo Kum but has lost that accolade” thus he presents a new development paradigm for Ahanta West. But responding in an equal measure in an interview on a Takoradi-based radio station, lawmaker Kojo Kum insisted the former DCE knows very well that he cannot offer any better alternative and challenged him to show what he was able to do during his tenure. “Nobody went to his house to beg him to come and contest. Who went to his house to beg him to come and liberate Ahantaman. From what? That now, Ahantaman needs a Messiah so they went to his house to beg him? He should come again.” According to the MP, if the former DCE is indeed “as important” as he wants the people of Ahanta West to believe how come he was not given any government appointment when his other colleagues have been given appointments. “[Former] President [John] Kufour, is he still alive or not? President Akufo-Addo, is he still alive or not? So ask yourself what has happened that if you had performed so well that when you left office and you were the one with the best quality of leadership. There has been a lot of appointments, you could not get any. Peter Amewu and others were his colleagues when he was a DCE. What has changed. Why is it that they had big portfolios and you had none,” he asked.

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