MP digs borehole at old cemetery site despite health concerns

Some residents of Old Baika are raising red flags over the siting of a sachet water factory in a cemetery.

The facility, which will take its water supply from a borehole, is also located near an old school toilet and refuse dump.

But the Member of Parliament for Buem Constituency, Daniel Kwesi Ashiamah, says there is no cause for alarm.

Old Baika is one of the traditional communities in the Jasikan District in the Volta Region.

Incidentally, the current Member of Parliament, Daniel Kwesi Ashiamah, hails from the community.

The proposed sachet water production factory was initiated by the Member of Parliament for Buem to generate employment and a source of revenue.

However, residents have raised concerns with the siting of the facility, pointing out that the location of the borehole used to be a cemetery for accident victims and people who suffered mysterious death.

They claimed the site later housed toilet facilities for the EP Basic School after which it was turned into a refuse dump.

And the Member of Parliament does not dispute this fact.

Daniel Kwesi Ashiamah said from the time the old cemetery, school toilet and refuse from the community were located at the site are long enough to erode any form of contaminative materials from the earth and the underground water.

Currently, the Roman Catholic Church has its cemetery located east of the proposed factory and is being claimed as part of the project land.

According to some close allies of the MP, the cemetery will serve as resting place for workers and clients.

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Some health experts say the location of the water factory could be dangerous to health not only to the people of Old Baika but the entire nation since water from the factory could be distributed across the country.

But maintained that the depth of the borehole through the rocky land goes beyond any contamination, adding that water from the factory would be safer than what people thought.

He insisted that those against the project are his detractors and he would not let them sway him from what he can do to help his people.

By Peter Quao Adattor||Ghana