Move underway to petition Parliament over TV license fees

Chief Policy Analyst at the Ghana Institute for Public Policy Options (GIPPO) Dr Charles Yves Wereko-Brobby has launched a campaign to petition Parliament and government over the collection of television license fee in Ghana.

Dr Wereko-Brobby is soliciting signatories to an online form to get as many dissentients to the tv license in order to petition Parliament.

The former presidential candidate had dragged the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) to court over the collection of the license but had an Accra Fast Track High Court dismissing his first relief of stopping the state broadcaster from collecting the fees.

He, however, got his second relief – stopping the sharing of proceeds among other bodies – upheld.

But in a piece on Wednesday, Dr Wereko-Brobby said the collection of the license could be a coup de grace to independent media in Ghana.

Click to read his piece

According to him, the petition could force Parliament to take a second look at the laws that underlie the current collection of the fees.

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