Mourinho insults journalist during press conference

Jose Mourinho showed signs of being under pressure at Roma as the Portuguese manager insulted a journalist ahead of his team’s game this weekend.

Roma sit fourth in Serie A after an impressive start to the season started to tail off. Problems have been apparent in the Europa Conference League, too, as they were smashed 6-1 by Bode/Glimt before drawing the return fixture 2-2 at home.

The former Spurs, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Chelsea boss departed all those clubs in various degrees of rancour, and it appears he could be in a similar situation soon in Italy.

Ahead of Sunday’s game with Venezia, he laid into one journalist in stark terms.

“You are here practically in every presser, but either you are very intelligent and you want people to think you are not or you are not intelligent at all,” he began.

“I want to think you are intelligent but that you like to do what you do.”

He then defended his team’s performance, suggesting that the overall form was solid on the pitch, save for putting the ball in the back of the net.

“If you compare the number of goals scored and the number of chances we created, obviously there is a contradiction there,” he explained.

“There are teams that even if they perform worse and create very little, have a chance and score a goal, have three opportunities and score two goals.

“In this moment, we are struggling a bit, not in the build-up, but in converting all the chances that we create. This is true, but it would be more worrying if we were not able to create at all, if we hadn’t any domination during the games. It would be more worrying if we were not able to create.”

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Source: Eurosport