Mourinho blamed for Roma fans’ verbal abuse of referee at airport


manager is facing criticism following an incident at Budapest Airport, where referee Anthony Taylor was subjected to abuse by angry fans.

Taylor had officiated the final between Roma and Sevilla, which ended in a 1-1 draw and saw Sevilla emerge as the victors in a penalty shootout.

After the match, video footage captured Mourinho engaging in a heated confrontation with the referee in a park, where he was heard using explicit language and referring to the as a “disgrace.”

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This encounter has since been attributed to fuelling the anger of the fans who later targeted Taylor and his at the airport.

The incident at the airport has gained significant attention on , with many individuals criticising the former and manager, for his actions and comments, suggesting that they contributed to the fans' behaviour. The video has gone viral, drawing widespread condemnation.

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As the fallout from the incident continues, Mourinho finds himself at the centre of the controversy, with fans, pundits, and commentators expressing their disapproval of his conduct.

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