Mother, her 2 children found dead in locked room

A mother and her two children have been found dead in their room under lock and key at Akyem Ntronang Cash Land in the Eastern Region.

They were found dead in the room on Tuesday, August 24.

Husband of the deceased, 40-year-old Emmanuel Gafa, suspected to be behind the death of the three, is currently at large. The police are on a manhunt for him.

Residents of areas woke up to a stench emanating from the house of the deceased. They found out the door was locked after checks.

The Assemblyman for the area, Samuel Dodze, was called in to also check. It was then realised the woman and her two children were dead inside the locked room.

The assemblyman informed the police who arrived to break into the room. The mother of two believed to be in her thirties and her two children were seen lying dead.

A medical doctor from the New Abriem Government Hospital was informed to examine the bodies. The bodies were in an advanced state of decomposition.

Residents are pointing accusing fingers at the deceased woman’s husband. The incident is believed to have occurred in his absence as he was last seen in the community on Sunday, August 23.

The couples are known to have had marital disagreements in the past which were settled by elders in the community.

The bodies have since been deposited at the Mamanso Community morgue for preservation and autopsy.

By Yvonne Neequaye||Ghana

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