More than half of Ghanaians unaware of December referendum – CDD report

An afrobarometer report by the Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD) indicates a lot of Ghanaians are not aware about the December 17 referendum which seeks the opinion of Ghanaians whether local government elections should be made partisan. Per the report, only 42% of Ghanaians are aware of the upcoming referendum. Out of those who are aware of the referendum, a majority of them are educated. “Awareness increases with respondents’ level of education, reaching 62% among those with post secondary education, compared to 35%-42% among those with less schooling,” the reported stated. While 58% of those in the know about the referendum say it is likely they will vote, 29% of the respondents say it is not very likely they will vote, and 13% say they do not know whether they would vote. A majority of the respondents opined preparations by the Electoral Commission towards the referendum is satisfactory. The report also indicates men, elderly citizens and the educated are more aware of the referendum as compared to women and the less educated. A total of 2, 400 adult Ghanaians were sampled for the report. Preparations towards the December 17 referendum is ongoing by the Electoral Commission, to amend Article 55 (3) of the Constitution. Source:|Ghana  ]]>

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