Montie FM’s Mugabe ‘promoted’

Montie jubilation2
Salifu Maase, also known as ‘Mugabe’ addressing the teeming crowd that welcomed them
The reprehensible comments that sent Alistair Nelson, Godwin Ako Gunn, Salifu Maase to prison were roundly condemned by many and they themselves conceded were regrettable and unfortunate.
After a month of seclusion from a normal lifestyle, the three contemnors, who were hitherto to serve four months jail term but for a presidential remission, were given a rapturous welcome back home on Friday.
They were first sent to the Nsawam Medium Security Prison on July 27, 2016 before being moved to Akuse Prison later in August.
Most of their fans and supporters who thronged the premises of Radio Gold to receive them felt the three were treated unfairly.
Salifu Maase, also known as ‘Mugabe’ who hosted the two on Montie FM when those contemptuous comments that threatened the lives of Supreme Court judges were made is set for a new accolade.
Montie jubilation
On his programme, Pampaso, Mugabe was regarded as the Commander of the Airwaves.
His counsel, Godwin Edudzi Tamakloe, who felt he was charting a good cause before his incarceration think he deserves to be promoted from a Commander of the Airwaves to Apostle of the Airwaves.
“Already Mugabe has moved from Commander of the Airwaves to an Apostle. That should tell you the transformation that has taken place. This might as well be the part of changing lives, transforming lives for Mugabe to move from Commander to an Apostle,” he declared.
Going forward, he told Radio Gold Mugabe his colleagues would be seen as “apostles of the truth, they are men of God now. Their expectation is just going to be the truth, nothing but the truth”.
The new accolade quickly got on with his fans who had swamped Radio Gold chanting his name and referring to him as the Apostle of the Airwaves.
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