Miracle! Dozens escape death as truck falls off Circle interchange

It was a miraculous scene Wednesday evening when dozens of people escaped death as a fully loaded 40-footer articulated truck fell off the newly constructed Kwame Nkrumah Circle Interchange in Accra. Dozens of people however sustained critical injuries in the evening rush hour accident, which occurred at a populated section of the interchange. A lot of people were boarding buses to their respective destinations at the bus stop where the truck and the container landed.It’s not clear what caused the truck, which was said to be loaded with sugar, to topple over the metal railings from the second tier of the flyover to the ground. The head of the DAF truck landed on the backside of a Mercedes Benz mini bus while one of the two containers knocked the side of a Mercedes Benz Sprinter mini bus which were parked at the bus stop near the VVIP bus terminal. The trailer of the truck and one of the containers were however left hanging on the metal railing.The accident which occurred during the evening rush hour caused serious vehicular traffic along the Ring Road Central to the Ring Road West stretch of the interchange. By 3news.com|Ghana]]>

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