Minority MPs are on another dangerous & slippery path – Annoh-Dompreh on their decision not to vote on Torkornoo

Frank Annoh-Dompreh

The Chief Whip has said that the position taken on the Nominee Gertrude Torkornoo by the members on the of not to vote on the nominee is a dangerous and slippery path.

He asked them to rescind their decision.

“My colleagues are on another dangerous & slippery path… Reconsider your ‘unfortunate' position after a good reflection.” he tweeted.

The opposition MPs decided not to take a decision on Madam Torkornoo until the Supreme Court gives the reasons for ordering Parliament to delete the name of the Member of Parliament James from the record of Parliament.

In a statement, the Minority said they did not vote on the President's nominee for the position of Chief Justice today “due to the unavailability of the reasoned judgment of the Supreme Court in the matter of Hon.

“It is important to state that the Appointments Committee not long ago in 2019 vetted and approved this same nominee as a justice of the Supreme Court. However, it was imperative for Members of The Minority on the Committee to evaluate the decisions of the nominee on all other cases, including the James Gyakye Quayson case since the vetting in 2019.

“We successfully evaluated the nominee on all relevant criteria except the outstanding matter of James Gyakye Quayson which would enable us to come to a decision. We expect the reasoned Judgement of the court on this matter by 7 June, 2023 to finalise our decision

“We have duly communicated our challenge to our colleagues on the Majority side and expect their cooperation.”

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