Minister Yvonne releases official music video for ‘Give Me Rest’

Hot on the heels of her recently released ‘Faith’ album, UK-based singer-songwriter Minister Yvonne releases a powerful fifth video off the album titled ‘Give Me Rest’.

The singer, who doubles as an HR Specialist with the British Armed Forces, said that this song was inspired by Matthew 11:28: “Come unto Me, all you who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

The 2021 UK-based Gospel Artiste of the Year at the Ghana Music Awards UK added that “the world is full of stress and we face challenges, hardships, trials, wearies everyday of our lives that sometimes makes it difficult for us to subdue and have dominion. The song is therefore a sweet invitation for those who are labouring to seek rest from God”.

The melodious ballad-themed song since its release last Friday night has been garnering numbers on social media.

‘Give Me Rest’ was produced at the UBBS Studio. The song is powerful, edifying and refreshingly soothing – from the lyrics that cry out to the soul of the listener to the production.

In the music video, Minister Yvonne is seen in multiple locations throughout the bold aesthetically appealing video – including sprawling and lush outdoor nature scenes and a dungeon where she is choreographically surrounded by dancers and eye-popping costumes.

The video features Minister Yvonne in a number of incredibly striking looks, donning a slew of designer looks in the song’s accompanying visual. Then the scene switches to a dungeon where chained Minister Yvonne is seeking for rest, salvation and freedom from hardships.

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The fashion doesn’t stop there, however. Never one to miss an opportunity for a head-turning costume change in which Minister Yvonne later switches into a custom print ensemble—a gothic yellow Victorian ball gown.

Directed by FiMenz, the ‘Give Me Rest’ visual is a well-conceptualised piece of work, full of pleasant activity, gripping images brought to life by the sheer sweetness of sound.

The production concept, scenery, costume and lighting beautifully synchronise with the sound rhythm.

Minister Yvonne has always believed that Gospel music videos can compete on a level playing field with many mainstream videos in the industry.

The mouthwatering visual is available now on YouTube and can be viewed below:



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