Minister dissuades assembly members from partisan politics

Bosome-Freho District Assembly[/caption] The Deputy Minister of Employment and Labour Relations, Bright Wireko Brobby, who is also the Member of Parliament for Hemang Lower Denkyira Constituency in the Central Region has appealed to assembly members in the country to stay away from active politics to help bring development to their respective electoral areas. According to him, the Local Government Act, Act 462 of 1993, established assemblies with the mandate to exercise legislative, deliberative and administrative authority. He lamented, however, how the metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies have turned to partisan politics. Speaking to Onua FM’s Central Region correspondent Kwame Kakarba in an interview, Mr Wireko Brobby pointed out that assembly members are the pillars around which local decision-making and development revolve. He said many assembly members across the country failed in their four years in office due to their involvement in active partisan politics. The assembly members, he indicated, have a duty to provide adequate information on developments in the area as well as lobbying to bring in the needed development to the electorates rather than engaging in needless politics. By staying away from partisan politics in electoral areas, members keep their integrity and respect intact as they would be spared unhealthy criticism borne out of politics by electorates, he said. “People will criticize you merely because of your political affiliation even when there isn’t any need for such criticisms. “Members of your electoral area will criticize you when you affiliate yourself with a particular political party,” the legislator said.

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