Minerals Commission ladies storm galamsey sites to ‘save’ women in illegal mining

Women are the most threatened in hazards in galamsey[/caption] The Minerals Commission Ladies (MICLA) says it is ready to bargain for a mutual agreement with the various women who are involved in illegal mining. On Friday, April 28, some of the country’s women groups involved in illegal mining staged a demonstration against government’s directive to take them away from their illegal mining pits. According to these women, galamsey is their source of livelihood and removing them from it will render them unemployed. Government, media and civil society have in the last month mounted a strong campaign against galamsey, underscoring its effects on the environment and human survival. Speaking exclusively to 3FM, President of MICLA Bernice Botchway says the ladies’ association is ready to bargain with the various women groups on alternative mining. “We are going to the affected areas to see if we can bargain with these women,” she said. “You cannot push it on them because that is their source of livelihood.  It has been done before, but the process used was not fruitful. This time we will sit at a round table, take their concerns and agree on mutual terms, which are beneficial to all.” She further stated, “But if after all these discussions they see the consequences and they still want to continue, and then we will hold them responsible”. She added that talks have begun between them and government to include more women in the five-year sustainable alternative mining project introduced by government to replace galamsey. “We are confident of the MMIP. We know it will help solve the menace of galamsey, and we have started engaging those who matter in making sure that more women are involved in this project.”

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By Grace Asare|3FM|3news.com|Ghana ]]>