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MG champions cyber security convo with Techfest

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Security is undoubtedly a need for human existence. Little wonder Abraham Maslow places security needs second to basic needs on his famous hierarchy of needs.

Every individual strives to have some level of security to guarantee their safety and this is even truer in the cyber space where millennial live much of their daily lives.

Increasingly, people get into trouble for having their cyber security compromised: be it their social media accounts, websites or their personal gadgets have been hacked.

In some grand scales, official government businesses have been hijacked because their cyber security have been vulnerable to threats or completely taken over.

The Government of Ghana official website,, for instance  was in 2015 taken over by unknown individuals for a while before it was regained. The Ghana Stock Exchange website was in 2018 also hacked, leaving stock and forex traders stranded for a moment.

On the back of these among other things, there is the need for a national concerted forum on how to overcome and safeguard against these threats, and MG Digital, a subsidiary of the Media General Group is leading the charge in that regard.

Scheduled to come off on Thursday, April 25, at the TV3’s Executive Theatre at 9:00 am, MG has lined up the finest tech gurus to lead the conversation, while providing an avenue for tech start-ups to exhibit.

The key  speakers  include:

  • Deputy Director in-charge of Cyber Security at National Communications Authority, Kwadwo Gyamfi Osafo.
  • Commonwealth Cyber Security Professional Fellow, Victor Gordon Nyamadi.
  • Pratap Jantua, Ethical Hacker and Network Consulting Engineer, NIIT.

Meanwhile, the event also provides an opportunity for tech start-ups to exhibit their projects and businesses.

For more information on the Techfest and to register for the exhibition, log on to 

The internet is here to stay. It is the new land where we live, and we must be safe to engage in our daily activities.

So yes, the cyber space is everything. We need to arm ourselves for it and that’s the more reason why you cannot stay away from this conversation about cyber security.

What does it profit a man to have security in his house where he spends fewer hours and not have a secured cyber space where he literally lives?

By P.D Wedam| | Ghana

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